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"Rising Music Star Daytona Starsky On The Five Things You Need To Shine In The Music Industry"


"A Star On The Rise... With all that said, it's undoubtedly hard to categorize Daytona under any one genre, and that's just the way he likes it. Almost like a modern-day David Bowie, Starsky told us that he views his music as "genre-fluid" and nearly indescribable to someone who's never heard him play."


"Dutch-born, Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Daytona Starsky has remained unpredictable and unconcerned with genre boundaries, pulling from hip hop, psych rock, and electronica for a vibrant mix of styles. However, his latest work finds Starsky more entrenched than ever in the accessibility of the pop world as he builds towards his debut record."


"Daytona Starsky is sort of an enigma, he’s multi-instrumentalist, artist – producer who has been delivering adventurous singles the past few years, mostly rooted in hip-hop with genre blending explorations in psychedelic rock, electronica and pop. He plays a mean guitar and is great live."


"Daytona Starsky discussed his new single, technology in entertainment and media, his love for sustainable fashion and how the past year has shaped his path going forward."


"This song is hot and does not beat around the bush."


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